Sunday, October 12, 2014

Taronga Zoo

Today I saw heaps of Australian creatures. The Koalas immediately warmed my heart. Being surrounded by Koalas has been a highlight in Sydney so far. I respect that they sleep 20 hours a day.  

I also got to feed some Tree Kangaroos! 

This is an Australian Pelican. 
Some full grown possums. Notice the tails...
Platypus! It was very difficult to take a picture of this little guy. It was dark and no flash was allowed. He kept squirming and swimming around! He was much smaller than I thought a platypus would be and extremely quick. It was very fun to watch these guys swim around in their habitat.
Check out these Greater Bilby's! They were HUGE!!! 
This was my tour guide's favorite animal because she actually found him in the street and raised him at her home for a few months. He is a Squirrel Glider, and his coat is one of the softest things I have ever touched. His name is Ferg. Ferg the Squirrel Glider. He has a membrane that stretches from his arms to his feet that enables him to glide.
Only in NZ or Australia would you get tea time after a tour. I chose water instead of tea because it was way too hot for tea. Everyone else managed to drink hot tea in the heat. Great day at the zoo!

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