Sunday, October 12, 2014

Sydney Opera House

The Sydney Opera House has five main halls, and I had the pleasure of seeing three of them. The first one currently has "The King and I" as its opera playing this season. Because of this, outside of the hall is decorated with props and such from the show. This hall seats just over 1,000 people and has a very complicated stage set up with the way it can transform floors and dress the main characters in their elaborate, huge dresses. The second hall we saw was massive. Sumo wrestlers have performed in there. The ceiling is so high, a two story building could fit inside the ceiling itself. The ceiling's architectural detail was magnificent. The last hall we saw was the smallest. It seats about 300 people and has a very intimate feeling. The Sydney Opera House is made from an off-white colored tile that construction workers pieced together manually. There are no gutters, so according to my tour guide it feels like Niagara Falls when it rains. I won't bore you with too much detailed information, but the Sydney Opera House actually has a very interesting history with construction issues, scandals and government problems dealing with the first architect. The tour was fascinating on so many levels.

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