Monday, October 20, 2014

Milford Sound


A giant glacier in between fiords
This waterfall is three times bigger than Niagara Falls 

The tallest peak in Milford 

Milford Sound is the most famous Fiordland park in the world. Fiords are steeper than mountains and the lakes that surround the fiords are deeper than normal lakes because glaciers used to fill these areas.They filled the space in between each fiord. There are only a few glaciers left at the very top of some peaks, which we got to kayak around this weekend. Milford Sound has more waterfalls than one can count, but its biggest one is a large supplier of water for NZ and is three times bigger than Niagara Falls. While we kayaked, penguins swam among us and we got to see some seals. I couldn't get a picture of the penguins because they are quick little guys and wouldn't stay above water long enough for me to get a picture. Kayaking in the 8th wonder of the world has been the highlight of my time here in NZ. 

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