Thursday, August 14, 2014

Speight's Brewery

We took a tour of the biggest brewery in New Zealand, which happens to be in Dunedin and a must see for tourists to this area. Speight's has been brewing from their site in Rattray Street since 1876. At the time, Central Otago was in the midst of a gold rush. Thousands of prospectors were working in the rocks and riverbeds in search of gold. It was thirsty work. James Speight and two associates took the opportunity to resign from Well Park Brewery to launch their own brewery. Today Speight's is a major brand throughout New Zealand. On their website they state, "We are involved in stuff that matters, and in Otago that means rugby." They sponsor several teams and events, and they also sponsor adventure sports, another passion of the local people. When taste testing beer, one must smell it before tasting. Tradition dictates that your beer must be held in your left hand. Cheers, mate!

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